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  Last update:  May 2010

The Vision and Purpose of HumansBeing.com

My Vision:
A world where we all exhibit a deep, ecological awareness of the Human Experience:
Our relationship with ourselves, with each other, our planet, and, ultimately, the universe as a whole.

My Mission:
By sharing my own personal experience, my values, my thoughts and my triumphs and failures, I hope to assist others in their struggle for passion, flow, balance and success through ecology of thought and focused purpose.

My Principles:
Think, Plan and Act ecologically
Passion through Purpose; Performance through Participation.
Integrity, Vision, Ownership, Willingness.

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I was born in March 1966, in Durban, South Africa.
My name at birth was Warren Muggeridge
I was given up for adoption, and then named Kevin Ross.

My early years were spent growing up in Durban, but my family moved to  Johannesburg when I was seven. After I finished school, I started my compulsory  two year National Service.  Then, in 1987 I went back to university to study a  Bachelor of Commerce.  I graduated in May 1990 and started a career in the Information Technology industry. 

In my life, I have come to accept my adoption, which led to me going in  search of my biological  mother.  I found her and also found that I had  sisters.  I have served in combat.  I have gone in search of my Soulmate, and shifted countries to be with her. I have faced death when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia  and lived  to appreciate the time I have on this planet.  I have seen the birth of  my  child and still watch as he discovers himself.  And I am not finished yet.

The events that have transpired in my life have provided me with an attitude  and energy that I don't think I would have had otherwise.  My values and beliefs  have been shaped accordingly, and beneath the waters that lap upon the shores of  my life, there runs a current that is steady and powerful - one which forever pulls at me, tugging at me, pushing me, sometimes kicking and screaming, toward  the seas of my future...

The work I am now doing with here at humansbeing.com, and my work in Life Coaching and also at topofclimb.com is my way of  giving back the love, the compassion and the spirit I have experienced from others on my trajectory through life.  It is also my way of trying to make sense  of the man I have become.  It is my therapy and my  exploration, my wonder and  contemplation.  I hope that you find value for the time which you afford me as  you walk with me, just for a while, across the pages of my work...

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