Last update:  May 2010

Each month I pull together as many sayings as I can from books I have read, people I meet and visitors to my site.  If you come across a great saying, please e-mail me with it, and the source of the saying and I will include it on my site.  If you like I will also publish your name as the person who sent it to me. 

Here are This Month's Sayings...

I have also decided to hold a competition every month.  I will publish a photograph below, and ask you to send in the saying that it inspires in you.  I will publish the best five that I receive each month, and with your permission of course, I will publish your name as the originator... who knows, people could be quoting you soon!

Here is this months picture...

5 july - goodwood - roulettes -007g

Send me your saying by e-mailing me at: .

Send as many sayings as you like.  Please include your name and surname so that I can reference you as the source.  If you do not want me to include your name just mention this in your e-mail.

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