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Window on My Life
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Saturday, February 9th, 2002

After all this time,
All the days, the weeks and years;
After everything we've been together
All the laughter and the tears;
After all the plans we've made together
And all the goals we've set;
After every stride we take together,
Yes, every single step;
After all the rain and storms we've weathered
There's nothing I regret.

Picture of Jacqui

After all these years,
All the moments, good and bad;
All the times we've disagreed
And for all that we are glad;
After all that you and I have seen,
After all that we have done
After all the places we have been
And all the things to come,
After all the pathways we have walked
And will never walk again
After all the bridges we have crossed
And they start to look the same;
After all these things have come and gone
I would still
              fall in love with you again.

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