The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

Stop and take a look around you.  It is time that we all take responsibility for the unfolding of our future.  We are such a delicate and precious species.  This is our home.  One day, when mankind ventures out into the stars we will all call ourselves Human.  What will that mean?

Our borders are slowly eroding.  Our cultures are slowly integrating.  Our religions are crumbling as a global awakening starts to take place.  We are all grappling with the need for individualism, while still belonging to a global social structure.  As we learn more about one another, we are entering a phase of increased tolerance and growing integration.  This, coupled with a fundamentally deeper understanding about our universe, the biology of life, and the interconnectedness of everything in our environment, is leading us toward a point where we will have to let go of those constructs that do not serve us any longer.  Old beliefs and value systems must be replaced with new understanding and agreement.  We will have to, as Humans, collectively find a common culture, a common unity and social structure, and we will be forced to transcend our evolutionary childhood to become a more aware and responsible species.

When we get this right, it is then that we will be able to truly look up as one and, to any other life out there, we will be a little blue planet of a single race of Humans being.

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