The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

In concert with my negativity was my personal tragedy.  In harmony with my decision to go about building the world from my dreams, despite the challenges inevitable in life, is the unfolding of a grand new future.  Each day I find a jewel in the sand beneath my feet. Each night I see a new star shining in the sky.  In the past I was careful not to step on anything sharp, and I carried an umbrella to keep from getting wet.  Now, even in the rain I cherish the moments.

So simple an idea, so elegant the process, it is almost embarrassing to admit to not having caught on earlier in my life.  It took no time at all to change my mind, it took no effort at all to change my attitude - and the hard work I put in each and every day to maintain this new perspective is fuelled only by the joy I now find in each moment that I live!

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