The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

Passionate people are the ones that make the major changes.  People who never give up, who always look for a better way, who don't believe in 'can't' - these are the people that will tell you that life is great.  They are not victims.  They are opportunists.  They are optimists.  They are effective.  And they always get what they set out to achieve.  In fact, it almost seems as though life is easy for them.  Why is that?

How many people do you know always complain about their circumstances?  I know plenty. And every time I confront them, and show them just how much energy they are expending trying to avoid doing anything about it, I am met with a barrage of reasons and excuses. 
No matter how much I do for them, or try to help them, they are always unhappy.  They are always ill.  Life is hard for these people.  The events of their lives just seem so unfair.  These are life's victims.  They are prisoners.

There is only one real prison for the soul.  And that's the mind.  Set the mind free, unleash that positive energy, feel the rush and the exhilaration of being alive - and watch the soul awaken!

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