The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

I am a complex being.  I am of body, mind and spirit.  I exist within an ecology that is magnificently infinite, astoundingly illimitable and breathtakingly perfect.  This ecology includes all that I am, and all that is around me.

My inner ecology is everything I think, everything I feel, and all I have become.  It includes my values and my principles, my needs and my wants, and the intricate ways in which I reason and justify the things that I am becoming.
My outer ecology is everything from my immediate environment (the people I know and meet, and everything I affect) - to all that is..

In order to find true peace and happiness, I must see myself not as alone, but as an interconnected part of the cosmos as a whole .  In doing this, I start to see how everything I am inside affects, and is affected by, all that is:  from my everyday interactions with my immediate environment, to the deepest levels of our universe. It is these interactions that we, collectively, experience. It is how we go about creating the changes that we desire, both individually and as a species, that makes us human. 

Ultimately, through our intricate interdependence on each other and our environment, and through the continual flow of circumstance, we are all Humans Being.

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