The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

The world exists as I perceive it. All that is happening to me is in harmony with my very Self. If I wish to create change in my life, then I must start by creating change in who I am, and how I behave. I am responsible for all I do, all I am and all that happens to me. I have the power to change myself and the circumstances of my life. The moment I realise this, and start to live by it, I begin my Journey of Enlightenment. This journey starts from within.

All that I am right now I have created with my every thought, my every action along my path.  I am an intricate collection of all my experiences, and how I dealt with them.  Each event in my life has caused an inner reaction.  It is these reactions that have made me  who I am right now.  I cannot control all of the events as they unfold along my journey, but I can control my reactions and how they affect me.

The key to my success is my own integrity. This means that all I think, all I say and all I do are the same. I am everything that I believe. I am all that I do. If I act on what I truly believe, then I will find peace and purpose in life.

Once I understand the person I am, I can start my journey forward. From here, I want to actively create my future. Every step I take from now on will determine who I am becoming.

My journey toward enlightenment is a personal one.  Along the way I will cross paths with others.  Each person, each event has something for me.  There is something I need in every situation. The more I can be open to the moment and what it holds, the more I will start to discover myself.  The closer I get to finding enlightenment, the more I realise it is about discovering my place in all that is.

There are a multitude of events that take place in my day.  Some I expect for I have arranged them.  Some occur seemingly quite by chance.  Once I know who I am, and I have control over my thoughts and actions, I can start to create positive change in my life.  I can start to identify those events which can help me create the change I am looking for.  I start to identify which events are in fact omens along my path, subtly leading me, guiding me to the future I am now consciously creating.

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