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  Last update:  May 2010

Wouldn't you love to have someone - a life guide - visit you for a day, and, over a hot chocolate, take you through the kind of thinking and reasoning that you know will change the way you live? 
And wouldn't you wish that after this life guide leaves, you were left with something that you could keep - something you could refer to every now and then to remind you of why it is your life has changed?
This book is that life guide...

The sun peeped over the mountain and through the trees as if to see what I was doing, its light falling gently at my feet. I was sitting in my lounge chair sipping on a coffee.  I was reading Donald Neviaser's new book: The Inner View.
Page after page of insights and lessons.  Page after page of  "I-must-remember-that-one"s and "That's-exactly-right!"s.  Somewhere, while I was soaking it all up, Jacqui made me another coffee, Brandon watched another video and the sun decided I wasn't going to play, so it went on to look for another distraction.  It must have been around midmorning I finally put down the book.  Jacqui walked past and asked me what I thought.  I simply said - "You really should read it for yourself".

Donald has managed to do three incredible things:

  • He has managed to take some of life's most pertinent insights, and make them meaningful
  • He has categorised them into sections of his book for easy reference
  • He has written The Inner View so that it can be enjoyed as an easy-to-read book, or left on the coffee table as an everyday reminder of what it is to truly live.

I encourage you to have a read of this book.  Read it end-to-end and let it soak in. Then leave it out somewhere so that every day you walk past it, pick it up and let it fall open - there will be a lesson for you on that day.  Not a book to bury in your bookshelf!

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