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  Last update:  May 2010

Ever heard the phrase "everything is connected" ?
Fritjof Capra first tantalised me with his brilliance in "The tao of Physics".  I was utterly astounded by his depth of reasoning and his scope of conceptual vision. 

In The Web of Life, his latest work, Capra continues his description of the mathematics and physics of life.  He takes us deeper and deeper into the fundamental workings of complex systems and the mathematics behind them.  He explores such things as fractals, self organising systems, the synthesis of life and matter and thought.  From DNA to ecosystems, from organised chaos to consciousness - a breathtaking journey into the very nature of life.

But don't expect easy reading.  I started this book at least four times.  The first time I got to systems thinking, and stopped. The second and third I got to the part about complexity, and became light headed at the explanations and mathematics behind it all.  Finally, after some time had past, I gave it another try.  I went at it with fervour.  I pushed on through the logic, and science and the depth of it all.  Eventually, I lifted my eyes from the last page, and I was glad I had finally gotten through it. 

This book is excellent.  For those who don't mind the challenge, and are partial to a good scientific read, there is no better than this.  Capra is inspiring with this extraordinary vision of the synthesis of all things.

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