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  Last update:  May 2010

"You gotta read this book."  Rick pushed the book across the table.
"What's it about?"  I asked.
"It talks about the nine insights into experiencing life.  It's good"

I had heard about this book before, in fact, but the title put me off.  "The Celestine Prophecy" - it sounded like a book about astrology, future telling and magical spells!  But after Rick had recommended it too, I decided to give it a read.

In honesty, by the end of the book I was feeling more like it was about mystics and magic, and less about reality.  But the overall content of the book was actually pretty fundamental.  The insights that Redfield describes are brilliantly conceived, and he weaves them well into an adventure that leads into the forests of Peru.

Besides being a great story, with a gripping plot which twists and turns within the paragraphs of every chapter, the unfolding of the nine insights is the thing that kept me glued to the book.  The insights led me on my own adventure, starting with the understanding that nothing is by chance, that life unfolds before us exposing subtle omens that lead us towards our destiny, and ending with the intuition that we are all about to discover something deeply fundamental about our purpose here on Earth.

If you are struggling, as I was, with what it is you are to do with your life, then The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is definitely worth a read.  My advice - don't take the story itself too seriously.  But I think Redfield would agree with that - his main message to us is the Insights.  These are the real pearls.  These are the messages that will change the world.

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