“Human Factors”



Placeholder  ImageAviators are trained to understand the dynamics of flight.  What does that mean? And why does it resonate so harmoniously with business leaders?

Think about this:
Critical to flight is Situational Awareness - understanding exactly the complex ecology of power, weight, balance, weather, altitude, speed, communications, inputs and outcomes and the overall capability of the aircraft itself.  And right at the heart of the success of the flight, is the pilot. 
Ultimately it comes down to the capability and performance of people - the Human Factor. That’s why there is so much focus in Aviation on training people, and maximising their performance in every situation. 
Sounds a lot like leading a business, right?

Our Mission:
Assist organisations to harness and maximise their human capital - aligning individuals, leaders and teams to corporate strategy and direction, using the concepts and passions of flight.Placeholder  Image

Our Goals
Ignite Passion
Unlock Vision
Facilitate Communication
Mobilise Teams

Our Values
Plan ecologically
Interact with Integrity
Execute Passionately

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