“Human Factors”



VH-VAKWelcome to the April 2010 edition of the Top of Climb Newsletter.

Kevin has decided to take a trip around Australia in his 1965 Piper Comanche 260.

He’ll leave around mid-May and travel up the east coast from Riddell where his plane is hangared north-east to Temora, then east to Sydney.  From there he will follow the coastline northwards through Brisbane, Cairns and eventually up to Horn Island.  From Horn Island he will do an international leg north-east up into PNG (Port Moresby).  After that he will head south back onto the Australian mainland and through the outback dropping in on Mt Isa, Birdsville, across Lake Eyre to Coober Pedy, Wilpena, then on to Broken Hill and from there home. 

The total journey is over 5,500 miles, and involves about 35 hours of flying.  We will bring regular updates from his trip at each stop over.  Keep coming back!

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