The Point of Departure
  Last update:  May 2010

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This is your Point of Departure.   From now on , it is important to remember that the moments of your life are always in play, and that every time you decide to go one way, you sacrifice another in that moment.  At every crossroads,  the internal debate between the protector and the pilgrim will assist in balancing your journey, allowing you to move along your desired trajectory.  If you persist, if you are  committed, you will succeed.

Ecology in Motion

Everything is in play, all of the time.

You are about to take another step toward your new trajectory.  It is the most important step of your life.  Make sure it counts.

No journey, no path, no trajectory is defined by the destination alone.  It is also determined by the point where it began - the Point of Departure .  Departure - because you are stepping away from your current  trajectory and launching yourself onto another one.  Your current trajectory was defined by the actions you have taken.  Those actions were driven by the habits you developed within the context of your life.  Your new trajectory will require new actions, which means you will need to develop new skills, and practice those skills until they become habit.  It also  means breaking old habits that do not work for you on your new, chosen trajectory.  And breaking old habits takes commitment and persistence.

Before you are able to develop new skills, it is important to take stock of who you are right now.  For many of your current skills will stand you in good  stead going forward.  Some will not.  In taking a checkpoint, however, it is important to think ecologically.   In other words, who you are right now, everything you have become, is as a result of how you have interacted with the world.  You are a result of all of your thoughts, how you  have processed situations that have presented themselves to you, and the imprint they have left upon your personality.  This can be a deeply involved process.  It is important to allow yourself  the time.  You have given your Mind the time to process it's backlog.  You have given your Spirit time to dream.  They are your allies.  Remember?

But you must also deal with your foe.  And with your mind and spirit at rest, there is space for  this opponent to become apparent.  In fact, it has always been there, and you've been aware of it.   You have just accepted it's advice without question.  Remember what you read about your three allies?  This is what I wrote about the mind:  your Mind is your protector, your map-reader and the sword you will need to pierce the misty air of uncertainty.  There is a duality with which your Mind assists you through your life:  the protector and the pilgrim.  It is consistent with the very duality in our universe - everything is an interaction, a choice, somewhere  along a continuum of opposites. 

You see, there is an inner protector in all of us.  This is the voice of caution.  It is the scream in the face of danger.  It is the hesitation to our actions.  It is the gradient of the hill upon which we  climb our way through life.  We take it for granted, we accept it is there, we neither acknowledge it nor ignore it.  We simply just let it be.

This will not work for you any longer.

Now, you will need to make friends with this inner voice, and gently take control away.  It is time  to turn this foe into a friend.  Make an agreement with it that you will never act without checking in , but that you might just go your own way anyway.  It is time to build trust between this inner part of you - the part that wants to keep you safe - and the pilgrim - the explorer that you are  becoming.  There will be times of fierce debate between the two.  Allow that debate.  It is the  very energy that will keep you steady on your course.  For every North, you need the South.  For every East, a West.  For every mighty gale, a time of calm. 

The interaction between the protector and the pilgrim within is exactly what life is all  about.  

This interaction is always at play.  It extends beyond your inner Self, through your thoughts,  into your words and deeds, and manifests in the actions you take in every moment, every hour of every day of all of your life - it is your personality, it is how others see you, it is your  perspective on your immediate circumstances, the circumstances of your friends and family, and your view on the world at large. 

It is critical to ensure that you are in control from here on out.  Allow the debate.  But contain the debate. Allow the voice of caution.  Allow the voice of exploration.  Allow the argument for  stability.  Allow the argument for change.  Take time to gather both sides - then like you have already practised - quiet the Mind and hear the Spirit.  It has heard the debate too.  Listen carefully, and it will whisper to you what your inner Self truly believes is right for that point on the trajectory you are creating.

Reread this page.  Go away and come back.  Read it until the message is clear to you.  Thinking ecologically is very hard to do.  Understanding the connection between your inner debate and the events of your life, the duality of your Mind and the habits you have formed, the choices you have  made and the trajectory you are on, is critical to understanding how to gather new skills - those that allow you to gain control of who you are, and plot the course toward who you are becoming.

In time, you will know that you are ready to take the next step.

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