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Take a moment.  Take a week.  This is a place of dreams.  You  pass this point but once.  When you are ready, get up and take the first step toward Realising You..

The First Hour

Welcome to the first hour of the rest of your life.

The reason you may be reading this website is entirely of your own creation.  What brought you here, to this point, are the decisions you have made at every point in your life so far.   Most of those decisions were made unconsciously, out of habit.
Your habits have created patterns of behaviour with which you have lived your life.  Those patterns have put  you on your current trajectory through your life.  And that trajectory has led you here.

Truthfully, the very next step you take may not change your life.  Nor the one after that.  But with vision and action, and your own powerful promise to your Self that you are destined for a better life, you can set out now on a new trajectory:  one that will lead you to yourself - the person  and the life of your dreams.

And that new trajectory starts with your very next thought.  For it will lead you to your next action.  And that action will be the first in Realising You for the rest of your life.

What do you want?
It is hard to answer isn't it?   Your new trajectory should be one you actively choose for yourself.  Part of that choice is  deciding where it is you really want to go, who you really want to be.  And that starts with a powerful Dream.

And you are allowed to dream!

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