Building Your Dream Step 1
  Last update:  May 2010
Choose your place of contemplation carefully.  It is important to ensure you come back to the same place each time.  Find a spot that is quiet, but  inspiring.  It should be a place where you feel relaxed.  For some it is the beach, for others a mountain top.  Make sure it is easily accessible to  you.  Too far away and you will not be able to sustain your program.  Even the local library can be a great place to think.  I prefer my local coffee shop, the table in the corner, overlooking the passers by.
You are allowed to Dream.

The first, and most important step in Realising You, is the very next step you take.  Always make sure that it counts.

This step, building your dream, is the one you are about to take next.  It is important to make sure it counts. 
Here is a simple way to quiet the mind, and hear  the whispers of your soul:

There are two parts to this exercise:

First, choose a quiet place.  One that inspires you.  Go there with the simple purpose of contemplation.  Take nothing with you.  The  whole point of this, is time alone to allow your mind to become quiet.  Think about your life, your journey to this point.  Think about the people in your life and the affect that they have  had on you.  Think about the things you like, and things you do not.  Contemplate on the attributes you want to change in your current circumstances, and the things you want to  remain.  Try not to guide your mind.  Simply allow it to process through all the thoughts that you have put on hold.  Give you mind the time, and it will become quiet.  This may take several sessions.  In fact, it may take weeks or months.  Try to go back to the same place each time. 

In time, it will become apparent to you that you are ready for the next step.

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