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Window on My Life
  Last update:  May 2010

May 2000

Well, we've arrived you and I.  And what a journey it has been.  Five years ago, with no warning, you stepped into the circumstances that, at the time, you thought would be the most challenging thing you would ever have to face.  And, at the time, it was.

Five years.  It doesn't sound that long.  Looking back it seems like yesterday that you got the call that would change your life. But you won.  You survived.  So why are you now so tired and weary?  Why is your life still such a continual struggle?  Why are all the circumstances of your life, now, so much the same as they were?  Did you not learn a thing?

I keep having this dialogue with myself.  I keep trying to find an answer.  Somewhere, hidden deep within, I know I have the truth.  What follows is a diary of my ongoing struggle to find who I truly am, and to live what I truly believe.

You see, getting leukaemia, and surviving, was necessary for me.  I had to have this experience.  I needed it in order to truly begin my journey. But the story doesn't end there.  In fact, it doesn't even begin there.  The period between May and August 1995 was just one of the many significant turning points in my life.  Before then I had had other experiences that had changed me, and the way I perceived my world.  Since then I have had several others.  This site, Humans Being, is a manifestation of the work I am now doing in order to experience what it is I came here to do.

I will keep this online diary, detailing my journey, explaining my thoughts, sharing with you my highs and my lows. I am not doing this for you, but for me.  I don't have all the answers. 
I am not a 'guru'. 
I am not a 'master'. 
Nor do I seek to be.
I seek only to do, and be, what I must in order to be who I Am.  I seek only to grow, and learn what I must in order to create who I Am Becoming.

However, I truly hope that there is some value here for you.  I hope that as you walk with me within the pages on this site, that together we can share and learn from each other.  I hope, having given to me some of your time, that I have left with you something you came here to find. And if you come back often, then perhaps, across time and space, we have a gift for each other, you and I.

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