The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

What a beautiful planet.

Above the clouds it looks so still, so peaceful, so perfect.  The sun is orange fading to blood-red peeping between the clouds.  Before long it will slip away and leave the clouds as dark ghost-shadows against the silent starlight.
From up here it all looks so simple.  Time is measured in millions of years.  A planet spinning predictably, like clockwork, across a speckled sky.

From up here it is all about the universe expanding and the galaxies turning and suns burning and planets spinning.  I know beneath these clouds, across which this Boeing skates, there is an ecology evolving.  Life is working through the possibilities, like a giant biocomputer - every sequence, every combination is being switched on, then off, then on in a tapestry of cause and effect.

There seems to be such contrast between the measurement of time across the cosmos, and the race taking place on the planet below.  I look up toward the stars and my mind gets lost in dreamless wonder - time disappears, almost irrelevant, so slowly the universe grows old.
I look down and the whoosh and tempo sweeps me aside.  Time is critical, seconds matter, got to get there now!

Where did that all start?
Evolution takes as long as the universe to unfold.  Should we take a longer perspective too?  We don't.  We are individual.  Driven by personal goals.  Right now.  Must own.  Must have.  No time.

We are conditioned to do this.  From birth we start.  Yet everything around us is exactly the opposite.  Take what you need .  Go when you're done.  Find the balance.  A part of the whole.  Every other life is moving at the pace of the universe about it.

We seem to ignore history.  We plan the future, but not too far ahead - a few days, a month, perhaps a year... no, too distant - must have sooner!  Next week is fine!

Are we spiralling out of time?  Are we out of pace?  Are we out of step with the cosmos?

Only in the last few hundred years have we accelerated to this pace of life.  Technology!  Make things quicker, own them sooner, discard them sooner.  More money, faster money, rich quickly.  Grow old and die.  What for?

Remember when there was time to take a quiet walk?  Stop and experience the experience! 

How can one life have any meaning in a world where billions are screaming for attention?

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