The Philosopher's Pen
  Last update:  May 2010

It really comes down to Personal Framework.  Perspective doesn't really describe it properly.  Perspective ignores much of one's ecology of being.  However, a framework tends to encapsulate not only one's perspective, or point of view, but also one's feelings, one's reasoning and justification, one's value system and needs, the history of one's experience and background, including cultural aspects of one's being; it includes also as part of the essence of the framework one's current ecological climate -  in other words, exactly what is the emotional, physical and mental states of one's being at the time of a specified event.

So often, in the scheme of things, we forget to step away from a situation and try to gain understanding from another's frame of reference.  It is in allowing ourselves this ecology of thought, in any given situation, that will provide an open and unlimited perspective to another human being's behaviour.

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