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  Last update:  May 2010

Who makes up the rules?

Comp-Apr2001egHave you ever disagreed with the government?  Have you ever challenged the law?  Have you ever questioned religious instruction?  Have you ever been mad at the way things are done around you, decisions made without you, but which affect you?

Who is it at the helm of the human race?  Really?

Every day, in every way, there are people pushing the envelope of what it means to be human.  Whether it is cloning human beings, or peace in the Middle East, building of the Space Station or the state of the economy, an investigation into vaccines or aids in Africa, somewhere right now humans are figuring it out.

We may not agree with everything we hear or see, but in the end we must believe that, as a species, we are continually evolving, always learning, always growing.  Each of us cannot know it all.  We have to trust in the people who we elect, the people in each industry, the people at the edge of technology, medicine, space travel, at the scene of the crime, in the chair in the courtroom, at the head of the police, the army... there are processes in place to put them there. 

If you can affect the process then you should.  Vote with informed choice.  Buy with informed background.  If you can take a job with a position that allows you latitude to make decisions, then take it if this is what you think is best.  Say what you have to say.  Don't ever remain silent. 

Do what you can, and then trust in the rest. 

Surely, ultimately, we are getting it right?

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