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  Last update:  May 2010

Something has got to change.

Everything is connected. We live in a complex network - a multidimensional web of life. There exists a delicate interdependence between every element on our planet - water, earth, air, weather, the plants, the animals, the minerals. We know this. Yet, human beings have dramatically upset the flow.
kevinstudygWe have grown to understand how to manipulate the ecology around us for our benefit. This is a good thing. We are a splendid and unique species not just on our own planet, but it seems we are perhaps unique among the stars. But, we are still in our adolescent years as a species able to evolve and develop, and also ensure that we actively maintain the fine tuning of the ecosystem of which we are so deeply a part.

Why is it proving so difficult for us as a species to get it right? How come, despite all the knowledge we have gained, we are still so hopelessly unable to change the way in which we collectively play our part as balanced ecological citizens of Earth.
We all watch as governments of the world debate global warming, and fail completely to move the needle even just a tiny bit.
We all see the images on TV of garbage and waste in our oceans, in land fill, pouring out into rivers, rising columns of who knows what into the atmosphere.  We have seen the pictures of cities under smog and the star-less summer nights.  We have all witnessed disaster after disaster reported in papers, and on the web.  Oil soaked beaches. Mercury in our fish. The list is endless.

And we can't even take care of our own kind.  Children starve, cultures oppressed, gender differences still exist. There is a lack of education in parts of the world, poverty in others.  Genocide is taking place right this minute, as you read this site.  And companies continue to operate with sole and absolute focus on shareholder value - and that means profit counts, and costs are cut, quality suffers, processes are streamlined and cheapest parts matter.  Cheap means manufacturing standards are compromised, waste is discarded without consideration and children work in sweatshops in those same areas where poverty and starvation are prevalent.

Something has to change.

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